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For most people the purchase of health insurance is a
confusing and difficult decision. Most general insurance
brokers are only familiar with one or two companies
and don't know much about either one. The internet
only give you numbers without much comprehension,
and calling the insurance company directly only
puts you in touch with an employee who has
to tell you only what the company wants
you to hear. It's a real problem.

The way to solve this problem is to seek
out the services of a San Diego County
broker who represents your interests
to many health insurance providers
like Blue Cross, Blue Shield,
Health Net, Kaiser, and Aetna
instead of their interest to you. There is never a cost in doing this as prices are the same if you use the services of a broker or go direct to the company. All broker service fees are paid by the company, not you.

So, the next time you are faced with a health insurance decision or problem let a professional health insurance broker with more than 30 years experience guide you through the maze. There is never a cost to you, and frequently costs will be less because you will find a plan that will suit your needs for a low cost that you would never have found without professional assistance.